Laser Hair Removal

Say “Hello” to Smooth!

One of the first, still the best. After all, laser is in the name! For over 20 years, Hello Laser has been providing high-quality laser hair removal services in Arizona. Proven, safe, and effective laser hair removal is a surefire way to remove unwanted facial or body hair permanently! 

What is Laser Hair Removal?
Exactly what it sounds like! Laser hair removal at Hello Laser is the solution for all of your unwanted hair removal needs. This non-invasive hair removal treatment will safely, effectively, and permanently reduce hair from targeted areas on your face or body. At Hello Laser, our certified laser technicians will determine the correct spot size and laser fluence based on your body area and skin type. Thanks to the fastest, most advanced lasers on the market, you’ll be hair free in no time!
Why Laser Hair Removal?
It works

What is the best thing about laser hair removal? It works! At Hello Laser, our outstanding results-driven laser hair removal service is the reason we have been in business since 2001. 

It saves you money

Laser hair removal at Hello Laser saves you tons of cash compared to a lifetime of shaving or waxing. Depending on the body area, once you complete your treatments, you’ll only come in once or twice yearly for touch-ups or never have to shave again!  

It saves you time

These days, time is money. And laser hair removal will save you an incredible amount of time because once you finish your treatments, you won’t need to spend all that time shaving or waxing!

The Process

Laser hair removal at Hello Laser is the most effective way to remove unwanted facial and body hair. The process is simple!


Your certified laser technician will determine the correct spot size and laser fluence based on your body area and skin type. At Hello Laser, we utilize the most advanced laser hair removal technology, resulting in the fastest, most effective laser hair removal in the Valley!

Post-treatment, hair sheds

The hair in treated areas will begin to shed in about 10 to 14 days. These can be left alone or buffed with a body scrub, loofah, or exfoliating gloves.

Wait Times

After your hair has fallen out, you will notice smooth skin for a week or two. Then the hair will begin to grow again. Depending on the body area, you will want to schedule your subsequent treatment 4-6 weeks from the first appointment.

Treat Again

After 4-6 weeks, you should have new hair growth. Now it’s time to zap that next set of follicles! Hello Laser recommends repeating this schedule until you achieve smooth, hairless skin. The number of treatments varies with each customer depending on many physical factors, such as age, ethnicity, weight, metabolism, medication, and hormones.


Avoid sun and tanning products for four weeks or more before your treatment. Always use a good physical sunblock on the area treated with laser hair removal. If you have recently tanned, you must notify your service provider before your treatment so we can determine if the treatment is safe.

You should also avoid sunless tanning products.

Don’t tweeze or wax the area for about three weeks before coming in for a laser treatment. The laser will only target hairs that are in the follicle.

Give the treatment area a good, close shave the day before or the day of. If you plan on having your back lasered and can’t shave it yourself, we’ll shave it for you for an additional $35. Just let us know while making your appointment, and we’ll schedule extra time for the shave.

Please don’t apply any products to the area. This includes lotion, deodorant, makeup, and perfume. Aluminum in deodorants may prevent effective treatment. We will provide deodorant for you if you need it after your treatment. 


After your laser treatment, treat your skin with care by applying aloe vera or a cool compress and avoid sun exposure for a few days. Once the redness is gone and your skin has returned to normal, exfoliating the area will help the shedding. You will experience some time with little to no hair growth until the next cycle comes into the growth stage, and it will be time to get another treatment. With each treatment, your results will just get better and better!

Remember to stay out of the sun during and between your treatments. For best results, you’ll want all of the laser’s energy absorbed by your dark hair, not your skin. Tan skin is at a higher risk of reacting to the laser by hyper-pigmenting. Also, avoid exercising for 24-48 hours post-treatment.

Please always remember to inform your laser technician of any medication changes during your treatment.