Aesthetic Skin Treatments

Laser Facial

Wanting to improve tone and texture, promote youthfulness, and have stunning skin?

Hello Laser has the perfect solution for you! The Laser Facial skincare treatment uses the most advanced laser technology to transform your skin from the inside out.

Our Laser Facial is a comprehensive treatment that treats the skin’s deeper layers. Achieved using our PicoWay Resolve laser, this non-surgical, non-invasive anti-aging Laser Facial treatment improves the skin, giving it a beautiful glow. Our unique Laser Facial targets many unwanted skin irregularities such as sun damage, wrinkles, dark spots, scars, and skin laxity. Hello Laser’s highly trained laser technicians can fine-tune your treatments to your skin’s unique needs, as the laser is adjusted to different wavelengths to correct various skin issues. The Laser Facial will rejuvenate and tighten the skin by stimulating collagen growth, improving tone and texture, and removing unwanted pigment. With a Laser Facial, you’ll experience more youthful, glowing skin.

This treatment is available at our Phoenix location. Call 480-905-3080 or book online now, and let us show you the possibilities you can achieve in skin care with Hello Laser.

Experience more youthful, glowing skin with a Laser Facial at Hello Laser Skin and Body Medspa.

Come in with clean, healthy skin. No recent sun exposure or artificial tanners. Stop using any Retin-A or Retinol 2 weeks prior to treatment. You must be off all photosensitive medications in order to be treated. To achieve the best results, we recommend using Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar to help strengthen the skin, increase collagen production, and clear out damaged elastin and collagen before your procedure.


After your treatment, keeping the skin out of the sun or using a proper SPF is important. Your provider will have suggestions for SPF depending on your specific skin. Continue to use Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar for one-week post-treatment, then switch to Alastin Restorative Skin Complex and add it to your daily routine (AM/PM).

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal candidate is looking to bring back the youthful glow. Only skin types I-III may be treated with a Laser Facial, and the skin must be out of the sun for 2 weeks prior to the treatment.

Laser Facial treatment is suitable for skin types I-III

Laser Facial treatments take approximately 45-60 minutes. 

As with all lasers there are risks. Your provider will determine the correct settings for your specific skin type. Risks can include: burning, prolonged redness and hyper or hypopigmentation. In order to avoid these risks It is important that you are off all photosensitive medications and your skin has been out of the sun. Side effects can include dry skin or a rash for up to 3 days post treatment. Should you experience this or are aware of skin sensitivity it is suggested to take Benadryl before and after your procedure.

Results can appear as soon as 4 weeks post treatment but skin cells generally take up to 6 months to see a complete turn over.

Results can be permanent if the skin is properly taken care of with the correct skin care regimen and SPF. We recommend treatment once per year to keep up the results.

Downtime can vary from person to person. Expect 3-5 days post treatment for your skin to return to normal.

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