Full-Service Laser Salon & Med Spa

In 2001, laser hair removal was still new and expensive in most places, but we wanted to change that. We started Hello Laser Skin and Body Medspa to offer this innovative service at an affordable price, something unique in the Phoenix area. Our goal was to make laser hair removal accessible, enjoyable, and suitable for both men and women.

At Hello Laser, we value simplicity, a relaxed attitude, and a friendly atmosphere. We believe in honesty, delivering impressive results, and keeping our pricing transparent. What truly sets us apart is our outstanding team. Our managers, Certified Medical Laser Technicians, estheticians, and receptionists are the core of our business. We take pride in creating a flexible, enjoyable, and rewarding environment for everyone at Hello Laser because we know that happy staff means happy customers. Many of our team members have been with us for years, bringing extensive knowledge and experience. Our general manager, who has been here since the beginning, works closely with our local owners.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from helping clients achieve excellent results and regain their confidence through our Medspa and Laser Hair Removal services. We understand your journey firsthand because we have all experienced the treatments ourselves. All our laser technicians and estheticians are certified by reputable organizations like ARRA and the Board of Cosmetology. We actively stay updated on laser service laws and regulations to ensure our customers’ highest level of safety.

If you’re looking for a warm and welcoming Laser Hair Removal and skincare Medspa with transparent pricing and unmatched expertise, your search ends here. You won’t find a more genuine, down-to-earth, and friendly group of professionals who genuinely love what they do, deeply care about their clients, and are dedicated to helping you become your best self.

Meet The Doctor

Chief Medical Officer
Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

Dr. Chris Marcuzzo, Chief Medical Officer, founded Hello Laser (formerly Laser for Less) in 2001 with his wife Shelby, in order to offer Arizona residents high quality laser hair removal at a reasonable price. Since Hello Laser opened, he has had many clients personally thank him for what we have done for their self-confidence. Dr. Marcuzzo graduated from Creighton Medical School in 1993, and completed his training at Stony Brook, NY. He has been practicing medicine in the Phoenix Valley since 1996. Dr. Marcuzzo is a Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer, and takes part in ongoing laser training to stay current with the continually changing industry.

Experience - The Key To Successful Results

Hello Laser was born with a bold vision: to revolutionize laser hair removal and medical spas. We recognized that while laser hair removal was an amazing service, it was often unaffordable for many people due to high prices. So, our goal was to make laser hair removal accessible to a wider audience by offering it at affordable prices.

We believe that by providing top-notch service at reasonable prices, our satisfied customers would naturally share their positive experiences with their friends and family. This approach has proven successful for over two decades, with a significant number of our clients being referred to us by happy customers. In recognition of our excellence, we have been honored as a Yelp All-Star Business and have consistently received rave reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google, and other review sites. The Hello Laser team takes immense pride in that most of our business growth over the past 20 years can be attributed to referrals from delighted clients.

At Hello Laser, we’ve created a welcoming and enjoyable environment catering to both men and women, ensuring everyone feels comfortable. Our laser technicians are certified and have extensive experience in delivering professional and comfortable service to our valued clients. We’re thankful for our great staff and for our terrific customers, who have played a pivotal role in our growth and achievements!

Throughout the years, we have witnessed numerous laser spas open and subsequently close down. However, our commitment to customer satisfaction, excellent service, and honest results has been the key to our sustained success. We are proud to offer our high-quality medspa services in three locations across the Valley: Chandler, Phoenix, and Scottsdale

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