BOTOX for Wrinkle Reduction

Let’s face it; our face changes over time.

The right products and treatments can reduce the effect of time, sun, pollution, and wear and tear. But there’s nothing you can do topically that can outperform the youthful effects of BOTOX® at Hello Laser! BOTOX® can be used as a corrective and preventative in treating crow’s feet, fine lines, forehead creases, neck bands, liplines, the elevens between the brows, and other wrinkles and creases naturally caused by facial expressions.

BOTOX® relaxes the muscles that cause these wrinkles leaving you with a more youthful appearance for 3-4 months before you will need to re-treat the area again as BOTOX® does wear off. 


Before your BOTOX® treatment please avoid alcohol and caffeine for 48 hours to prevent bleeding and bruising. You may take arnica tablets before treatment should you be prone to bruising. 


Do not massage the treated area, and avoid exercise for 24 hours. Avoid the hot sun, saunas, or excessive heat for 72 hours. Avoid hats and tight headbands for 24 hours post treatment. To limit swelling, avoid alcohol and salty foods  

Frequently Asked Questions

BOTOX® is a substance injected in small quantities into the skin. It is FDA-approved (since 2002) and is one of the most widely used injectables in the world. The
active ingredient in BOTOX® is derived from clostridium botulinum. The smoothing effect usually starts to occur 7-10 days post-injection and delivers fantastic results.

Adult women and men can both get BOTOX® for fine lines. Do not get BOTOX® if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or allergic to any ingredients.

BOTOX® works on all skin types.

BOTOX® injections take 15-30 minutes to complete, depending on the areas being injected.

The risks of BOTOX® injections may include slight swelling, bruising, or redness around the injection site – this usually fades quickly. In rare cases, BOTOX® administration may result in anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction) which can be life-threatening and requires immediate medical attention. A licensed nurse administers all injections at Hello Laser under the supervision of our Medical Director, a Medical Doctor.

You can expect full results 14 days post injection.

The effects of a BOTOX® injection will last 3-4 months, at which time we recommend retreatment to maintain a more youthful appearance.

There is no downtime associated with BOTOX® injections.

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