We all know a regular skin regimen is part of maintaining good hygiene. There are hundreds if not thousands of advertisements for different products in regards to maintaining healthy, clear skin. But how do you choose the one that is right for you and why is washing your face so important?

To begin, one of the most beneficial factors of cleansing the face daily is to remove dirt, make-up, oil and debris accumulated through every day activity. If you were to skip cleansing, you would have a thick layer of dirt, making it almost meaningless to put other products like serums and moisturizers on the surface because they would not be able to penetrate the skin. Along with moisturizers, daily cleansing is one of the most important steps you can take in order for your skin to stay properly hydrated. Dry skin can appear aged and keeps make-up from going on the skin evenly. The skin produces oil called sebum which acts as a barrier between the skin and the harsh debris, bacteria and viruses that the environment produces. If you have excessive build-up on the surface this may block the gland that the sebum, sweat and dead skin cells escape from, causing harmful bacteria to trigger breakouts.

To completely forgo a daily cleanse would cause a plethora of negative effects, including minor to aggressive acne. You may also experience dry, irritated and itchy skin. Excessively scratching the area could cause open wounds for bacteria to enter and cause infections. Overall your skin would appear dull, aged and oily.

To keep your skin looking its best, cleanse twice a day; once before bed and once when you wake up in the morning. At night the skin takes a break and begins to recover from the day. It is constantly producing sebum and sluffing off dead skin cells. If you were to skip the morning cleanse and continue on with your day, you would be trapping the dead skin and excess sebum on your skin’s surface when you apply your make up or moisturizer. To simply rinse the face with water in the morning is not enough because the debris sticks to the skin and needs a proper cleanser to be removed.

In brief, proper cleansing can keep your skin glowing and healthy. It is important if you are also using other products such as a moisturizer, anti-aging or a brightening therapy and want them to work to their full potential. To get the best results you should choose a facial wash that targets your specific skin type. At Laser for Less we offer five different cleansers by PCA.

Facial wash – Is designed to gently cleanse skin of makeup, oil, dirt and environmental impurities.

Facial wash oily/problem– Designed to gently cleanse oily and breakout-prone skin, removing excess oil, makeup, dirt and environmental impurities.

Total wash face and body cleanser – Designed to keep skin smooth, clear and free from irritation caused by shaving.

Creamy Cleanser – A nourishing and hydrating cleanser for normal to dry and sensitive skin types.

BPO 5% Cleanser– Penetrates pores to eliminate existing and prevent future acne breakouts.