Packages and per-treatment Prices

So here it is, the page with the goods--our affordable prices for laser hair removal! We have an honest, up front pricing policy where you get what you pay for. Nifty! We're not going to lock you into a membership that charges your credit card monthly for way longer than you'll need. Or offer a "guarantee" with tons of fine print. We just have a simple per-treatment price list. Plus we'll offer a discount if you want to buy a package of multiple laser hair removal treatments up front. That's it! No guesswork or surprise expenses. Now isn't that nice?

5 Treatments

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10 %
off each treatment

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10 Treatments

save even more!

15 %
off each treatment

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Area Prices

Hidden Layer

Facial Areas

Upper lip $39
Chin $49
Brows (top/center/sides) $29
Ears $29
Man's beard (including neck) $129
Whole face $119

Women's Body Areas

Basic bikini. $69
Brazilian bikini $119
Underarms $59
Lower legs and feet $129
Upper legs $139
Just feet (including toes) $49
Forearms and hands $99
"Happy trail" $39
Areola (breasts) $39

Men's Body Areas

Front of neck $79
Back of neck $59
Upper chest (pecs) $119
Whole back $199
Lower abdomen $89
Upper arms $99
Shoulders $89
Buttocks $89
Men's Brazilian $139

The Scoop

Here's how it works:

Simple. The prices listed here are for each laser hair removal treatment of a body area. Or, if you'd like, you have the choice to purchase one of the packages above for extra savings, but we certainly don't require it. If you don't see something listed here that you're after, just call us up for those prices...we do it all!

Save 50% After 10 Treatments

It usually takes most people between 6 to 8 treatments to remove most of the hair. (Please note that clients who need to use our Yag Laser may require 8-12 treatments). Some areas that grow hair in response to hormones may require sporadic maintenance treatments in order to stay hair free. If it turns out that you do end up needing more than 10 full treatments for any area, we'll give you half off for all future treatments for that area! Yeah!

We Can Do it Daddy-O!

Don't see your laser hair removal treatment area on the list? Fear not, we can laser just about any part of the body. We do nose hair, ear get the picture. Give us a call and we can give you a quote over the phone. Let's get creative!

Want to Save Even More Cash? You can with referrals

Through the years, our customers have been so pleased with their service and results that they received at Laser for Less, they have been telling their friends and family about us, which is why we are a such a referral based business. We wanted to reward our special customers for this, so we came up with a great way to pay you back.
With the Hello Laser referral program you can start earning credit towards your own laser treatments. Just about everybody has some use for laser hair removal...they might just not know they can afford it. So let them'll save money for every person that you send to Hello Laser. Gee-that's swell! So tell your neighbors, tell your friends, aw heck, tell your little brother. Because the more people that come in, the more cash goes back in your pocket!

What our clients are saying

  • I used to live in Phoenix and moved to California. I travel back once a month just to get lasered here, the prices are the best at both locations. I’m happy with my results and the staff!

    V. A. of Laveen, CA
  • My experience was absolutely wonderful! Everyone was very friendly and made the procedure fly by quickly. I keep moving to different areas and all the results are fantastic. This is money well spent. The time and money saved on shaving is so worth it! Keep doing what you're doing. What a confidence builder, thank you!

    B.B. Mesa, AZ