Getting a laser hair removal treatment on the same day as your free consultation?
you'll want to take these steps beforehand.

Remember these tips baby!


Try to avoid the sun for 4-6 weeks before your treatment, or use a good sunblock on the area you will be having lasered. If you have gotten tan on the area, please notify your laser technician, and we will use our yag wavelength laser, which safely treats tanned skin.

Sunless tanning products should also be avoided.

Jeepers, this one's important! Don't pluck or wax the area for about 3 weeks before coming in for a laser treatment. The laser will only target hairs that are in the follicle.

Give the treatment area a good, close shave the day before or the day of. If you are planning on having your back lasered and can't shave it yourself, we'll shave it for you for an extra charge of $35. Just let us know while making your appointment, and we'll schedule extra time for the shave.

Please don't apply any sort of products to the area. This includes lotion, deodorant, makeup and perfume. This especially applies to deodorants because the aluminum in deodorants may prevent an effective treatment. We will provide deodorant for you if you need it after your treatment.




Once you've had your treatment, follow these guidelines and you'll be made in the shade.

well done daddy-0!


After you laser treament, treat your skin with care by applying aloe vera or a cool compress, and avoid sun exposure for a few days. Once the redness is gone and your skin has returned to normal, exfoliating the area will help the shedding process. You will then experience some time with little to no hair growth until the next cycle comes into the growth stage and it will be time to get another treatment. With each treatment, your results will just get better and better!

Remember to really try to stay out of the sun during and in between your treatments. For best resutlts you'll want all of the laser's energy to be absorbed by your dark hair, not your skin. In addition, tan skin is at a higher risk of reacting to the laser by hyper-pigmenting. Also, avoid exercising for 24-48 hours post treatment.

Please always remember to keep your laser technician informed on any changes in medication during the course of your treatment.