My name is Hayley. I have worked for Laser for Less for many years as a Certified Medical Laser Technician. I love my job and I truly love helping our clients feel better about themselves through hair removal and now giving them their body back through CoolSculpting.

When I first heard that we were bringing on the CoolSculpting technology to Laser for Less I was ecstatic! I had heard a lot about it over the recent years and personally, was extremely curious to see what the hype was all about. This seemed like a perfect treatment for me because even with diet and exercising, I still had stubborn areas of fat that wouldn’t seem to go away. So, on day one I decided to go for it and had my co-workers make me a detailed treatment plan of what areas I would be having treated. We started with my flanks and bra fat on my back. During the treatment, I felt a noticeable vacuum suction and slight chill. The cold feeling went away after about seven minutes and from there I had no real discomfort. After the treatment, I was slightly tender, had noticeable redness and could see a bruise starting to form in the place where one of the applicators had been. I continued throughout the rest of the day as normal and didn’t feel like the treatment restricted any of my activity for the day.

When I woke up the next morning, I was definitely sore to the touch, but no signs of markings or bruises except for where one applicator was on my upper back, it was faint and was gone in 2 days. I didn’t notice any discomfort while I was sleeping on my back or sides. I went back to work that day and the rest of the week as normal. It really only gave me discomfort when I applied pressure to the area.

On the third day, I noticed that the area was swollen and appeared larger than it did pre-treatment. The swelling only lasted a few more days and then was back to normal. Closer to day five post treatment, while I was running errands, I experienced a “zinger” or two. This is where the nerve endings are coming out of a frozen state and starting to regain their feeling. It only happened the two times to me but it can happen more frequently depending on the person. Around day seven, my hips felt like I had a weight belt that was detached from my body and barely hanging on, almost as though the fat had completely detached and was beginning to shed away. After the first week was over, the area still felt numb when I would touch it, but it was nothing that bothered me.

We decided to continue on to the next areas that I would be treating. We started with the chin and this was the only area that had a different experience than the rest. The applicator goes directly under the chin while it is on for 45 minutes you cannot speak, eat or drink. Swallowing was difficult and slightly painful, but not impossible. They warned me that some people get a tension headache, which I did experience; felt more like I was wearing a headband too tight. After they took the applicator off, the 2-minute post treatment massage was uncomfortable. When the 2-minute massage was over, it felt nice to put pressure on the area with a wash cloth for about 5 minutes then the pain was gone. I noticed slight swelling of the area, but no other noticeable side effects. Again, the area was numb for a few days. I regained feeling after about two weeks.

Since my first round of treatments we have also treated my stomach, inner thighs, banana rolls and the second round of my chin. The banana rolls are the extra tissue located underneath the buttocks. The second round on the chin was similar to the first but the 2-minute post treatment massage was more sensitive this time. However, any discomfort went away after about five minutes like the first. All of the other areas treated reacted the same way as my flanks and bra fat as described above. We took pictures of my stomach and back about nine weeks’ post treatment and the results already are showing. I am amazed with the outcome and would highly suggest this treatment to anyone who is looking to get rid of stubborn fat that diet and exercise may not be doing the trick for.

So, I would just like to say, one of the things I love about our company is that we test everything out on ourselves first, because if we can’t stand behind what we do and be sure that the equipment we invest in actually works, then we won’t do it. So, my verdict on CoolSculpting is a very pleased YES, it does work! I will edit with updated pictures once my transformation is complete!

If you’ve been thinking about CoolSculpting or have any questions, we would be happy to answer them over the phone for you, or you can feel free to come in for a free consultation. Let’s see how Laser for Less can help you reach your body shape goals with CoolSculpting!