CoolSculpting is a way to remove stubborn fat from areas that are not responding to diet and exercise. We can treat under the chin, the tricep area of the upper arms, the abdomen, love handles, back fat, inner things, the upper part of the back of the leg, outer thighs, and possibly other areas that may have stubborn fat. Everyone is different and to truly know how Coolsculpting can benefit you, we suggest booking a free consultation at any one of our offices by calling 480-905-3080.
That being said many times our clients just want to get an idea as to what to expect like a “ballpark” number. Often times we suggest you expect pricing similar to surgical liposuction, but without the downtime, scars, medications and pain of surgery. The biggest benefit to CoolSculpting is there is no downtime, no drugs no cutting or poking of needles, and no scars.
CoolSculpting uses different applicators designed to fit on the body in different ways, each application is called a cycle. Almost no one does just one cycle, but one cycle costs $750. Even the under part of the chin usually requires 2 cycles at $700 each. As the number of cycles used in a treatment increases, the cost per cycle decreases, for example more commonly an abdominal area will require 4 cycles and the cost per cycle is then at $600 each, meaning the first treatment is $2400.
We do strongly suggest everyone complete 2 treatments 30 days apart from one another and results are seen around 10-12 weeks after the last treatment. If you are thinking about CoolSculpting and would like to discuss other areas feel free to call us at 480-905-3080 we often run in-office specials to save you even more money off Coolsculpting.